Our story

A great company...

At the beginning of twentieth century Antonio Lovascio set up an oil mill in order to accomplish the whole production process, focused on cultivation of olive trees.

Over a few years, his mill became something of a landmark for many other olive growers and oil producers of the town, who trusted Antonio and greatly appreciated the way he pressed and processed their olives so that Antonio’s hard work became not only a real business, but also something of a sheer passion, which has always characterised, and which still distinguishes, all the members of the Lovascio family who have in turn managed and currently run the firm.

Over the years the brand “Lovascio” has became synonymous of quality.

At the end of the eighties a new generational shift in the company sees the entry of the sons Serafina, Domenico and Alessandro ready to face the exciting challenge of globalization.

"The whole family collaborates with it and the work in the oil field
ends up becoming an authentic passion"

..for generations!

Now in its third generation of mill entrepreneurs , the brothers Lovascio, in the old tradition of their town, Bitonto, in which the processing of olives is a real art, they continue to carry on the family business founded by his grandfather Antonio and inherited from his father Francesco.

With enthusiasm and determination they bring the company to place itself well in the domestic market, achieving a commercial success ever wider. Product quality, aim pursued with persevering attention for forty years by his father Francesco, has always been the guiding principle of production. This is possible thanks to a careful selection of the origin and variety of olives, methods of collecting, directly from the trees, their processing in the next 12 hours and squeezing rigorously cold.

Added to this, there is the experience developed in tasting the oils so that to select only those that can keep intact over time the strength and the scents of the oils of their own land.